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The Despite pending legislation in congress and the largest settlement in US history for blacks “the black farmer settlement” Black farmers continue to lose land due to discrimination And unfair banking practices RALEIGH, NC – The National Black Farmers Association, representing 94,000 members nationwide, Will hold a press conference tomorrow (DECEMBER 12) at the Steps of the Capital 1 east Edenton St. Raleigh NC . The press conference will start at 11AM. Despite our court house protest last week Farm Credit moved forward with the sale. Since the sale we have discovered disturbing news and facts as it relates to the sale. Roland G Hardy was a third generation farmer who raised corn cotton peanuts cucumbers and tobacco. Mr, Hardy farmed over 2,500 acres in Halifax County NC. East Carolina Farm Credit has moved forward with the foreclosure sale of 213 acres of prime farm land. Virginia Dade representing her father called the sale "something you thought would have taken place in the 1930's. The way farm credit has treated my mother and father in this process is a travesty said Dade. “Every acre lost by the black farmers is a lost of our heritage,” said John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association. Black farmers at the turn of the century owned 20 million acres, today black farmers own 3 million acres. The number of black farmers across the nation has been dwindling. At the turn of the century there are more than a million black farmers in America, now there are just over 29,000 black-owned farms identified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Systemic discrimination against black farmers has had a devastating effect that has contributed to this rapid decline. The National Black Farmers Association believes every black farmer forced from their property has a devastating effect on this small endangered group. Dr. Boyd is founder and President of the National Black farmers Association. Dr Boyd has been voted 100 most influential black Americans by ebony magazine. And has led the black farmer movement, as well spearheaded the black farmer settlement. For more
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